Amongst AQUARIUS PROJECT’s wide spectrum of scientific and commercial activities, the first product that will enter the Greek market is a complete line of liquid solution replacement units (e-liquid) for electronic cigarettes, named Liquidom.

The replacement liquid units Liquidom are acclaimed for their quality, the fruit of many months of research and development at the Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Patras (EMBIA). After many years of research on nicotine and human nicotine inceptors, EMBIA’s highly qualified and experienced research staff is designing and producing products of the highest quality and purity.

The collaboration with international labels that guarantee the purity of the active substance at levels exceeding 99,9% in conjunction with modern and certified analysis methods guarantees the chosen raw materials are absolutely safe and adequate to use with electronic cigarettes, abiding strictly by all safety regulations.

The production process takes place in entirely controllable conditions hence contributing to the high quality of the liquids, whose final composition is certified reliably by an additional series of analyses.

At Liquidom you will discover complex creations that satisfy each and every one of the four basic feelings of taste. The development of each composition takes a long time, as well as many iterations and trials to reach perfection and the providing of the best possible vaporizing experience.

The specifications of all the replacement units follow closely the recent European legislation and their consistence in nicotine in no way exceeds the limit of 20 mg/mL.

The new line of Liquidom replacement units contains 10 new replacement units, out of which 6 will be released to the Greek and the European markets immediately while the remaining 4 will be presented in the forthcoming months as a special edition.