The Aquarius project team is made of professionals constantly evolving, amalgamating their talents into a rich set of research, technical, creative and analytical skills. Members of our team come from two distinct environments and have gained important professional and research experience in a array of different topics and scientific fields.

The experience of the our team, both in research and pharmaceuticals as well as in electronic cigarettes, creates a unique blend of skills, capable of bridging requirements for the highest possible quality as well as unique tasteful creations.

Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών

Dr. Konstantinos Poulas
Dr. Konstantinos Poulas Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Dr. Sotiris Sideris
Dr. Sotiris SiderisPharmacist, Biologist
Dr. Giorgos Lagoumintzis
Dr. Giorgos LagoumintzisBiochemist
Dr. Manousos Kampouris
Dr. Manousos KampourisBilogist
Dr. Thanasis Niarchos
Dr. Thanasis NiarchosPharmacist
Ilias Boltsis
Ilias BoltsisBiologist
Angelos Koinis
Angelos KoinisPharmacist, Biologist
Alexandros Kordas
Alexandros KordasManufacturer